Find Money In Your Music

We get it. Payday is still a week away and you have bills to pay. Maybe you’ve already taken our advice from previous blog posts and looked for broken gold in your jewelry box, for tools you could sell in your garage, for an iPhone you aren’t using in your junk drawer.

If you’re running out of places to look for hidden or untapped cash in your house, try looking in your music!  At Cash Gekko, we’ll pay cash for almost any home or personal audio product. We buy everything from receivers to headphones to bluetooth speakers, like the Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom in the picture on this blog.  This is a great example of something that is popular, so it’s easy for us to resell – but holds its value quite well, so we can pay you top dollar for it.

So do some digging. See if you have some Apple EarPods, Beats headphones or a Bose or UE bluetooth speaker laying around. Pay Chris a visit at the 748 West 4th Street location, in Salem.  He’ll look at your item and offer you the most money he possibly can. If you don’t have time to get to the Salem location, give him a call at 540-765-4988 or message him on our Facebook page.  Find some money in your music.