Got a Camera Lying Around?

So far we’ve pointed out phones, game consoles, watches, tools, and gold that could bring you money. But what about a camera? Typically newer models are the ones that will bring the most bang for your buck, but not always.

For example, this Olympus XA2 35mm camera brings in some money. I know, you might be thinking, money in something that small that is sorta obsolete? ABSOLUTELY! Chris took a look at it and thought something very similar. Much to his surprise, it was worth more than he thought possible! We like being pleasantly surprised.

So, if you’re still scratching your head on things you could bring down…scratch no more! Go take a peek in your office, in boxes long packed away, see if you’ve got a camera and bring it to our Salem location, 748 W 4th St(directly next to Lowe’s) and let us put some cash in your hands! You can always call the shop at 540-765-4988, or message us via Facebook too, and Chris would be happy to give you a quote before you come down!