Nintendo Switch

This time we’re going to talk about video game consoles!  There’s always a new console just around the corner that you or your kids will want to buy!  Well, at Cash Gekko, we are always happy to see a console walk in the door, even if it isn’t the newest thing on the market!  We can turn your game consoles into cash, fast!

This week, we bought a first generation Nintendo Switch.  These are wildly popular, because not only are they great to play at home on the big TV, but they’re great portable gaming consoles that boast a great battery life, and excellent display!

Whether you just don’t use it anymore, or an unexpected bill came up and you just need a little help covering the gap, we’re here to help turn your items into cash!  Call our shop in Salem, or message us on Facebook for a quick, no hassle quote on your console!

We’re located in Salem, VA at 748 W 4th Street. You can also call us at 540-765-4988 or look us up on Facebook! You can also click the Facebook Messenger icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and we can chat!